Our Matcha Story

by Charisse Perca Mendoza

After years of looking for the best matcha, with thorough research, comparing matcha brands and ensuring rightful evaluation. We have yet found the best there is. Once we found it, we then said yes to it. It was like an "aha!" moment. Then there was Oui Matcha. 

Let me take you down memory lane. On February 2018, I saw my sister reaching out for a silver tin can in our pantry. I wondered what it was. She offered if I would like some while she mentioned she was making matcha. I had multiple reactions based on things I've heard about matcha. Commonly matcha contains sugar or additives in cafes or is charged at a premium. No not this one. It was bitter. They do say matcha is an acquired taste. After that cup of matcha, I dug deeper to endless possibilities about getting rid of the bitter aftertaste. 

Matcha left me sleepless nights. It lead me to unmeasurable research. I have ascertained matcha has a lot of health benefits and most importantly. It can be a great substitute for coffee. It does not only contain antioxidants; it helps with weight loss, anti-aging, reduces anxiety and a natural booster. It allowed me to decide that I should consider changing my morning coffee's to matcha mornings. 

On May 2018, my first sample came. I then thought, who’s well-versed that can judge this. Well, no other than my sister. With her expertise for her immense consumption of matcha made her fit to test it, in my opinion. My sister is a huge fan of matcha. She drinks it everyday and has bought matcha in different places. After back and forth e-mails with multiple manufacturers in Japan, from countless samples and providing feedback. We finally knew it from then and there that it was the one.

Moreover with our busy lives, enjoying a cup every morning together. It is only right for me to create Oui Matcha as a product with a mission. I will talk more about our Mission in our next blog. 

Why Matcha?

What is the hype about it? Like mentioned above, Matcha actually contains 24 amino acids which leans to a much healthier lifestyle. It is not only a yummy drink, its a healthy one. That's what makes it bomb. This is why whenever my sister runs out of matcha, it almost seemed that her day is not completely made. 

Our Farm in Uji, Japan

A little about our farm in Japan. Our Farm has been hand picking green tea leaves for almost a hundred years now. It specializes on only green tea which means green tea is our baby and we do amazing at it. For those who don't know, matcha is a type of green tea but processed differently than all the other green tea.

Our Matcha are hand-picked from Uji, Japan. A lot of companies are actually getting their Matcha from variety of places which are China or other parts of Japan. However, matcha's from China are not considered as authentic matcha as real matcha is strictly "made in Japan". Although, the powder concept is derived from China. 

But little did you know that Uji and its "hilly terrain, high quality soil, mild temperatures, and prevalent mist all contribute to what many call the most excellent matcha in the world". This is why we made sure that our Matcha is solely from Uji. 

How is Matcha made?

Young green tea leaves are shaded for 3-4 weeks, after harvesting and drying the stems. Veins are removed from the leaf to make Tencha. Tencha are then stone-ground into powder with stone mill.